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Tag: <span>Survey Fraud</span>

Tag: Survey Fraud


Prevent False Answers in Surveys

To Always Have Quality Data in The Survey

In order to conduct successful market research, the data needs to be truthful. However, there are individuals who leave false data which directly affects the inaccurate results. That is why it is necessary to prevent survey fraud.

One surefire way to prevent multiple responses is to enable limit responses. When one participant is entitled to one answer, it is very easy to avoid false data. This option exists in survey platforms, and the response limit can be provided in several ways such as one response per email, or one response per URL, or one response per device.

Survey Fraud

Another way to hack a survey is by having automated bots give fake answers. It also leads to skewed results and to protect yourself from this, you can use some of the readily available tools that will provide you with additional protection.

You can also use data confirmation fields. For each field that requires data, such as phone number, email address, and more, set a check box to help you collect authentic data.

Repeated questions can allow you to easily identify false answers. Any scammer will not bother to give the same answer twice. If you add terms and conditions at the beginning of the survey, you will automatically disqualify individuals who disagree with the terms and conditions. Also, you can post consent information during the survey itself, which will surely make all the scammers give up.

These are some of the tips that can help you prevent survey fraud, after which you will have accurate and reliable market research results.