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Tag: <span>Claw Vacuum Pumps</span>

Tag: Claw Vacuum Pumps


Claw Vacuum Pumps For Industrial Applications

Modern Pumps In Modern Industry

You need a pump that runs quietly and doesn’t use a lot of energy. Claw vacuum pumps can provide you with excellent performance.

These are very efficient and compact vacuum pumps that can meet all your needs. You can use them in wood processing, in plastic processing, in the food and beverage industry, in the medical industry and in many other areas of industry.

A claw pump consists of two rotors and they rotate in opposite directions. They are located in the pump housing and do not have any contact, but therefore have very small clearances. Their synchronization is achieved through a gear which is very precise. When the rotors start turning, gas starts to be sucked into the chamber and a certain pressure is created.

Claw Vacuum Pumps

These are dry pumps and do not use oil when creating pressure. They are very economical and efficient because they work on the principle of internal compression. Due to this mode of operation, considerable energy savings occur, which leads to reduced costs when using this pump.

These pumps have integrated air cooling and therefore do not require water cooling. The drive has variable speeds, so you can always determine yourself at what speed you need to create a certain pressure.

Maintenance of these pumps is very simple and does not require a professionally trained person. You can quickly and easily maintain your pump yourself, so you won’t spend money on its maintenance.

If you need reliable and economical vacuum pumps, claw vacuum pumps are the ideal solution for you. These are pumps that have a wide range of applications in all branches of industry.