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Tag: Cavalier Moving


Factors That Affect The Cost Of Moving Services Based On Cargo Size

Types Of Cargo And Their Size – What Is Considered “bulky” And “small” Items

Are you considering a move, but are unsure of how much it’s going to cost? You’re not alone. Moving can be a complex and expensive process, and the final price tag is often determined by two main factors: the distance traveled between pick up & destination points, and cargo size. Cavalier Moving experts will discuss what role cargo size plays in moving service costs — covering items such as weight limits for moves, along with helpful strategies for reducing overall expenses. Read on if you want to learn more about evaluating your move based on its cargo size!

Cavalier Moving

Cargo comes in all shapes and sizes, but when it comes to identifying what’s considered “bulky” and “small,” there are a few general rules. Items that are bulky tend to exceed the size of a standard pallet or exceed normal weight limits. This can include anything from large machinery or vehicles to oversized furniture, such as mattresses or couches. Conversely, small items are those that have a modest weight and typically measure less than a pallet’s dimensions. These smaller items can include things like electronic devices, clothing, or perishable goods. Understanding the difference between bulky and small items is crucial when it comes to making important transportation logistics decisions. From packing to storage and shipping methods, each type of cargo carries its unique set of challenges, requiring consideration and expertise for safe and efficient transport.

One of the main factors that can greatly affect the cost of moving services is the size of the cargo being transported. Larger items will inevitably require more space in the moving truck, as well as more time and effort to properly load and unload. Take into account the weight and dimensions of your belongings when planning your move, as this will impact the pricing of your moving quote. Additionally, keep in mind that some moving companies may offer discounts for smaller loads or charge extra fees for oversized items. By assessing the size of your cargo and exploring all available options, you can ensure that you are getting the most accurate cost estimate for your moving services.