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Legal Assistance For Adjustment Of Status After Marriage

Legal Assistance For Adjustment Of Status After Marriage

Secure Your Green Card

In order to secure permanent residence in the USA, it is necessary to obtain the desired card. That’s why every immigrant strives to get it as soon as possible, and this can be easily achieved by means of adjustment of status after marriage.

A green card ensures that every immigrant can work freely, claim social security, get a certain education and exercise all the rights that a free man has.

The simplest way for any immigrant to obtain citizenship is to marry an American citizen. However, the immigration service checks these marriages and, based on the answers of the spouses, makes a decision whether the person who immigrated will receive a green card or not.

Adjustment Of Status After Marriage

Interviews are conducted in order to verify the accuracy of the evidence that the immigrant submits about his marital union. Then intimate questions are asked, the purpose of which is to establish that a real marriage was concluded, and not a marriage of convenience, that is, a marriage that will last until a green card is obtained.

Experienced lawyers can play a big role in preparing for the interview that will follow from the immigration service. They can advise spouses on what answers they should give and what questions they can expect from immigration officials. The presence of a lawyer can boost clients’ confidence. Also, the lawyer knows exactly what documents and evidence are required to be submitted during the interview.

In order for the adjustment of status after marriage to be completely successful and for you to receive a green card as soon as possible, it is best to have an experienced advisor by your side who will help you during this long process.